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Smart Gardening 

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Project Overview

Project Eden is the prototype for the world’s first AI-powered app built to provide users with smart, affordable and timely gardening advice.

This application will provide users with guidelines and advice based on several data-sets on the geographic details, plant type, and plant needs. Users will also be able to plan their garden layout, while also working with a predictive calendar informing them of their harvesting, feeding, watering and more.

Some factors that were considered during the design of this application include user needs, environmental data inputs, intelligence model evolution through user feedback, and indigenous environmental expertise


We conducted primary research to determine the needs of individuals interested in growing their plants. Through secondary research, we gathered certain datasets that would help create an artificial intelligence model to help users develop a green thumb. 

My Role

I conducted a survey study to gauge the needs of the user group to understand what information is essential to the design of the application. I then designed the logo and created a design system to build the user interface of the application. 

Design Toolkit

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To ensure user privacy, they are asked if they would like to share their location to get started.


User is asked to find their property of gardening interest on the interactive map.  

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Information Fetching 

After finding the property, the user is informed of the types of information the application is gathering as they wait for results.

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Plant Suggestions

The user is given a list of plants optimal for their garden based on environmental and geographical data. The results can be filtered by type, while also sorted by price and space required.

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Once the user gets to experience the abilities of the application, they will be given the option to sign up or log in if they have already signed up. 

Gardening Plan

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Using the model's datasets, the application generates a map of the property and its possible gardening areas. 

User Feedback

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Users will send feedback on the effectiveness of the Eden's advice to further improve the AI model. 

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