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My Story

Master of Information—UX Design

University of Toronto, 2023​


Bachelor of Design—Graphic Design

OCAD University, 2018

Having worked as a graphic designer for several years and now as a user experience designer, I have familiarized myself with the inner workings of the industry. I was often the last set of eyes on a product, which allowed me to finalize the look and feel of the work before its distribution.


While I was working as a graphic designer, although I enjoyed the ability to review and tweak the content of the various projects, I quickly came to realize that it was difficult to apply accessibility considerations at my stage of the design process as a graphic designer. Hence, I often found myself wanting to be involved in the earlier stages of the design process, as I thought it was essential to implement these considerations in the initial planning stage of the work. This made me realize that, although I enjoyed being a graphic designer, I was more inspired by the opportunity be involved in the whole design process with the audience’s needs being considered at every step.


I have always been interested in how things are set up and how the ways in which a product is laid out affect the way people perceive it. Thus, a career in user experience design perfectly aligned with my interests, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to implement accessibility considerations into the planning stage and to see the impact that such considerations have on the consumed product.

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