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ROC Chocolate Brand Concept


Design and actualize ROC's brand, while also establishing brand guidelines.

What is Roc?

ROC is a subscription chocolate delivery service that provides the subscriber with their individually crafted collection of gourmet chocolates. Monthly, each individual receives a box of 4 chocolate bars––made from ethically sourced cocoa––each with a specific taste and flavour profile to cater to their distinct palette and preferences. Each subscriber's preferences are determined through a detailed flavour profile questionnaire filled out in the sign-up process.  The content of the flavours in the chocolate may vary from fruits, spices, or any other natural essences while considering certain dietary restrictions.


The following are some snapshots of Roc​'s brand guideline book.

cover reduced.png
ROC 1.1.jpg

Text in the image above

"ROC is not only defined as “face”, but is also known as an eagle-like mythical bird. ROC has Arabic and Persian roots (Rukk). We claim no Arabic or Persian heritage, but we are inspired by the word, as its meaning and its one step pulse captures the essence of what we have to offer.


A more literal understanding of our name is to consider the two meanings and how they align with our values.


Our main goal is to connect people with the delicious chocolate flavours that most suit them, and through that, we hope to help them identify their palette personality. Hence, the “face” aspect of ROC is aligned. Additionally, through our eagle-like personality we pinpoints the preferences that shine the most on our subscribers, and deliver delightful new flavour combinations to them monthly. Therefore, We are ROC."

roc 3.png
roc 2.1.jpg

text in the image

"ROC caters to those who have a love for experiencing new things, neophiliacs. We love open minded 20 to 35-year-olds who have an interest in flavours and most important of all, CHOCOLATE! 


ROC is also good for people who dabble in adventure but need a friendly guide to feel safe in their thrilling endeavors. 


ROC is the person that you are not best friends with, but every time you have a conversation with them, you feel at ease to share and communicate your feelings. Therefore, although we have a more formal way of communicating, we also take your preferences into consideration and give you a personal experience."

roc 5.png

Marketing Incentive

The puzzle incentive is a part of the packaging experience. Every month, with the delivery of the chocolates, the subscriber also receives a puzzle piece. The goal is to finish the puzzle after a year of receiving ROC chocolate. When the puzzle is finished, it reveals a graphic style illustration, which represents the flavour personality that ROC has identified the user with, through their preferences.


roc 4.png
roc 6.png
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