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Food Addiction PSA Poster


The objective of this poster is to achieve progressive disclosure using only typography to create forms and convey information.

Like any other addiction, the addiction to food can be destructive and eventually effect the health of the addict to a point of no return. Some of the general traits that constitute addiction physically are known to be dependence, withdrawal, unsuccessful efforts to cut down use, and the use taking a toll on everyday tasks that need to get done. Food addiction deals with more than just physical health; it also deals with the social, and emotional health an individual. Therefore, putting the individual in a vicious cycle through emotional symptoms that cause social fears, which lead to the need to satisfy the addiction even more, which ultimately increases physical health risks.



The most popular theory found in research is that food made with sugar, fat, and salt can be addictive. Additionally, sugar stimulates the brain’s reward centers through the neurotransmitter dopamine exactly like other addictive drugs. This eventually leads to the food user no longer consuming the food to get high but to feel normal, as it is with any kind of drug use as well. Finally, the goal with this addiction, just like any other, is to be able to alter default conditions in the environment to foster and promote addictive behaviour.

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