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Shame In Symbols of Honour: Flags

This is a series of graphic explorations on the notion of âberu. The literal translation of this Farsi word is “water of face”, where the state of the water represents the clarity of one’s image within their community, and ultimately their society. However, the word’s prevalent definition is reputation.


Through my research into the complexities of the concept of âberu, and the different ways in which it is instilled within the Iranian culture, I came across individuals sharing their stories on the matter in the online sphere. These stories come from those who were raised outside of Iran but have faced difficulties in terms of dealing with the notion of âberu; conditioned from a young age to pay attention to their outside persona perceived by those around them.

Using the projection of formal Farsi typography elements combined with moving water, oil, and ink, I have created a book that visually and graphically represents these collected stories. Every story has been associated with Farsi word(s) that sum up the general theme of the story, with a nod to the language complex used when âberu is the topic of discussion.

book mockup cover.jpg
Book Mockup 1 copy.jpg
book mockup 2.jpg
Book Mockup 3 copy.jpg
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